Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Watering Can

Even a bouquet of flowers painted on the wall needs a sprinkle of water from a watering can hanging above. Margaret, a friend, and her dog, Pretzel, watched and visited while I painted a bouquet of hydrangeas, daisies and roses on her wall in her and Pretzel's TV room. The arrangement is painted under a real watering can, rather half of a real watering can hanging on the wall. The colors in the arrangement compliment the colors in the room, lavender, rose, yellow and green. We enjoyed our visit and Margaret and Pretzel will enjoy the flower bouquet when they are napping, watching TV or reading. I've included a picture of them.

Come back soon and see Alyssas' garden with flowers, fairies and butterflies.


Nancy Standlee said...

Beautiful, Margie. I didn't realize you were so busy with wall murals.

Connie Michael said...

A three dimensional mural. How neat! Looks good, Margie Ann. I think we're going to have crown you "most prolific painter"!


canvasbycanvas said...

You are so clever Margie, what a unique idea and beautifully done.
bg hackney

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Margie, what a relaxing color palette and a beautiful room now that it has your "magic touch".


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