Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Lazy Labor Day Afternoon" Backyard Musing #3

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Approaching Storm", A Painting and Musing #2

Last August I was sitting in our backyard at dusk, watching
a summer storm approaching from the west.
Included at the end of this post is a painting entitled
 "Approaching Storm"
11 x 15

Backyard Musings #2
" Evening Storm Approaching "

Sat. 8-28-15

Two doves and a cardinal are eating at the bird feeder.
The temperature has dropped a little as a slightly cool breeze blows gently through the trees.
From the Southeast comes the distant rumble of thunder.
The big trees to the east start to gracefully sway as the
wind sweeps through them.
They are like giant fingers dancing back and forth to the
rhythm of nature's song.
Lightning then thunder moves closer as the breeze gets even cooler.
The doves have gone replaced by a family of cardinals still pecking at the seed both on the ground and in the feeder.
The cicadas are buzzing their nightly tune and a blue jay is chirping in the neighbor's tree.
The trees are like dancers performing, dipping down then lifting their arms to the evening sky.
The thunder claps its applause as streaks of lightening
light up the eastern sky.
Dusk descends into darkness.
The birds have flown to the safety of their nests.
I sit watching and waiting for the rain as the jagged lighting draws ever closer.
Ah I feel a rain drop!


"Approaching Storm"

Monday, December 7, 2015

"Curly Fries" and Backyard Musing #12 "Falling Leaves"

"Curly Fries"
Watercolor of Fall Leaves
Backyard musing #12
"Falling Leaves"

Gold, yellow, orange and brown,
Autumn leaves falling to the ground.
Fluttering down as light as a feather
In wind and rain and all kinds of weather.
The branches left naked and bare
So the birds can fly through the
 leafless air.
The trees no longer in full dress
Look like bones above
And below on  the ground, such a mess.
As the leaves stack higher
Even more dropping from the sky.
I'm reminded of a Georgia
O'Keefe painting , oh My!
Piles of crunchy acorns and leaves
Skipping and scurrying over the ground, if you please.
Cleaning and raking, a task never ending,
Till Spring comes again with a new beginning!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Backyard Musing #1

Backyard musing #1
Listening to the Cardinal's cheep.
As the sun sets, the half moon starts to shine.
A summer breeze passes over my cheek.
The cicadas start to buzz n hum. 
Dark slowly covers the trees and yard.
The evening peacefully begins.
The eastern sky is gold lavender and blue.
The Stars begin to appear 
One by one.
Dogs bark in the distance.
Traffic noises are dying down. 
Nighttime comes bringing rest to all. 


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nest Series

Acrylic Paintings on Gessoed Watercolor Paper
And Canvas Boards
Nest #1
11 x 15 Acrylic painting on
Watercolor paper with a coat of gesso
using Bob Burridge's color wheel
Nest #2
11 x 15
Acrylic painting on Watercolor Paper
with a coat of gesso
Black and White

Nest  #3
Acrylic on Canvas
Black and White


Nest #4
Acrylic painting on Canvas
using Bob Burridge's Color Wheel
My husband, Phil and I took a workshop with Bob Burridge,
a California artist and workshop instructor at the
Lake Granbury Art Association in Granbury, Texas.
Lots and lots of information and fun painting.
I'll be posting some of Phil's work and mine that
we produced during the 5 day workshop.
Come back soon to see more of our pieces.



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