Monday, December 7, 2015

"Curly Fries" and Backyard Musing #12 "Falling Leaves"

"Curly Fries"
Watercolor of Fall Leaves
Backyard musing #12
"Falling Leaves"

Gold, yellow, orange and brown,
Autumn leaves falling to the ground.
Fluttering down as light as a feather
In wind and rain and all kinds of weather.
The branches left naked and bare
So the birds can fly through the
 leafless air.
The trees no longer in full dress
Look like bones above
And below on  the ground, such a mess.
As the leaves stack higher
Even more dropping from the sky.
I'm reminded of a Georgia
O'Keefe painting , oh My!
Piles of crunchy acorns and leaves
Skipping and scurrying over the ground, if you please.
Cleaning and raking, a task never ending,
Till Spring comes again with a new beginning!


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