Thursday, January 11, 2018

"The Creek at Brown Ranch"

A Painting of "The Creek at Brown Ranch"

The Brown Family commissioned a painting of the creek bed
on their ranch.  Many photos were provided of the creek and the
surrounding area with Texas foliage, wildflowers, trees and rocks.
The painting was an acrylic on canvas, approximately 3,1/2' x 6'. 
The custom made canvas
was delivered to the Brown's home in the Fort Worth area. 
 My husband, Phil and I  picked it up,
and the boxed canvas just fit in Phil's pick up bed.
I set up the canvas in my art studio which is the formal
dining area and living room of our house which I use for my studio.
  The canvas took up about 8 feet of work space. It was across from
the bay window which gave me a lot of light on the canvas as I painted it.
I set to work painting and it took me
about 2 months to complete in between teaching
art classes, family activities and church..  I have painted murals on walls
before so I approached this large canvas like a mural..
The progression of the painting process is pictured below.

A photo of the creek and surrounding area to be painted 

Beginning value sketch with tree placement, horizon tree line
and creek with surrounding rocks

Sky, trees, grass areas, meadow in mid ground and
rocks beginning to develop

Foreground trees and shadows added

Finished Left side of painting, trees, water, rocks, wild flowers, cactus
with three wild turkey in the meadow and a 10 point buck
in the far background

Finished Center of painting with creek bed, water, rocks
wild flowers and trees

Finished right side of painting with 2 quail, rocks
trees, more cactus and wild flowers

After a trip to the framer, the painting was transported by van
and delivered to its
new home over the fireplace of the
Brown's Ranch House.

This painting was quite a challenge and a very
fulfilling experience. I hope it will be enjoyed by the
Brown family and their friends for a long time.

Thank you to the Browns for their vision and all their input and
photos of their land that helped me envision the scene
and successfully paint it.

Hope you enjoyed this post, comments are always appreciated.
Please share my blog with your family and friends.

Thank you,

Margie Whittington

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Phil and Margie Whittington's Current Art Shows

Artist Group Show
Fort Worth Central Library

Phil and I along with a number of other artists have our
paintings on display at the Central Fort Worth Library now thru
December 10.
A reception will be held on Sunday afternoon 2-4 pm on
December 10, 2017
Please join us for refreshments and viewing the art of
local artists.

We also have a number of paintings at
The Barber Shop in East Fort Worth
6436 Meadowbrook Drive
Fort Worth, Texas
Hours are Wednesday thru Saturday
9am - 5pm

 Fly Rod by Phil

 San Antonio Mission Shelf by Phil

Red Bird by Phil

Pumpkins by Margie

 A Horse by Margie

Forest Path by Margie

We are also included in the Ellis County Art Association
membership show at their gallery,
Art On The Square
113 Franklin
Waxahachie, Texas
Tuesday - Saturday
9am - 5pm
Sunday 1-5pm

Hope you can visit one of our art venues to see some of our
current pieces of art.

Phil and Margie Whittington

Sunday, June 18, 2017

"More Sketching"
Phil multi tasked at the Plein Air Sketch Outing.
He fished in the morning and sketched the lake in the
afternoon after lunch.
Really nice day!

Sketch of Lake Shiels on two pages

right side

left side

Phil completed his sketch by adding color with
watercolor pencils

Come back soon to see  our next
painting project.

"More Sketches from the Courtyard"
The following pics are the sketches I did
on our paint out to Margaret's home in the country

Pretty Red Turk's Caps were growing in the
garden of the Courtyard
I used two pages in my watercolor sketchbook
for this ink and watercolor sketch

 Left Page

 Right Page

 One of Four Oriental Lanterns hanging in
Margaret and Robert's courtyard.
I sketched this in my tan paper sketchbook with
pencil and highlighted the drawing with white charcoal.

 Yellow Wildflowers along the road  to
the house

Warner with his catch of the Day
Phil and Warner fished some while we sketched

Lake Shiels

There are still more pics to come from the paint out.
Be sure to visit again soon

Sketching in Margaret's Courtyard

Several of our Monday Afternoon Class
from the Fort Worth Woman's Club
enjoyed a lovely outing to the country
Saturday. We sat in Margaret's courtyard, visited and
sketched. There were many interesting things to
study and draw.

This is the original well on the property

A lovely corner in the courtyard

Water works

Oriental Lantern several of us chose
to sketch

 DiAnne's Sketches

The next four sketches are Ruth's sketches

We had a great lunch, Margaret made quiche, Betty made
salad, watermelon from Mary and Warner, DiAnne brought cookies from
the Bluebonnet Bakery and
I brought cupcakes.  All was delicious!!

Come back soon and see more about our outing in the country!

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Kauai Sunrise

"Kauai Sunrise"
9 x 12
Class project

Original Photo

Watercolor Painting done in Morning Class

Watercolor Painting done in Afternoon Class

2nd Painting in Afternoon Class

The paintings were started with a wet into wet
multi colored wash on background.
The dark clouds, palm trees and land
silhouettes were added when the background
was completely dry.
The morning painting was more pastel.
I used stronger colors in the afternoon.

Come back and visit again soon.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Upstairs Gallery
Watercolor Classes
Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our class project was a figure
sitting on the beach.
Everyone did an excellent job.

The Morning Class did a super job on the
figure project. 

The Afternoon Class did a great job, too!

Come back and visit again soon to
see what the classes are painting.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I was invited to paint in one of the seven
gardens on the Fort Worth Historic Society's
Hidden Gardens Tour of Fort Worth.
This year the gardens were in homes in the
Berkeley Place area off of Forest Park Blvd.
I enjoyed the afternoon painting several watercolor 
paintings and chatting with visitors as they toured
the garden at a home on Ward Parkway.

Margie Whittington

The garden where I painted was full of cactus in bloom,
succulents,Texas grasses, a rose of Sharon in full bloom,
rose bushes,  lots of interesting yard art and a
fire pit and seating area in the lower part of the garden.
The weather turned out beautiful after some rain in the
early part of the day.

Read my next blog about Phil and I being in an art
show selected by the Texas Art Coalition at the
Fort Worth Community Art Center opening
next weekend, June 2, 2017

Texas Art Coalition
Art Show
will be opening
June 2, 2017
Fort Worth Community Art Center
1300 Gendy, Fort Worth, Texas
(across the street from Amon Carter Art Museum)

Phil Whittington

Margie Whittington


Phil and I were selected to be included in this
TAC show at the Art Center.
Please visit any time during the month of June.

Visit again soon!


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