Sunday, May 28, 2017

I was invited to paint in one of the seven
gardens on the Fort Worth Historic Society's
Hidden Gardens Tour of Fort Worth.
This year the gardens were in homes in the
Berkeley Place area off of Forest Park Blvd.
I enjoyed the afternoon painting several watercolor 
paintings and chatting with visitors as they toured
the garden at a home on Ward Parkway.

Margie Whittington

The garden where I painted was full of cactus in bloom,
succulents,Texas grasses, a rose of Sharon in full bloom,
rose bushes,  lots of interesting yard art and a
fire pit and seating area in the lower part of the garden.
The weather turned out beautiful after some rain in the
early part of the day.

Read my next blog about Phil and I being in an art
show selected by the Texas Art Coalition at the
Fort Worth Community Art Center opening
next weekend, June 2, 2017

Texas Art Coalition
Art Show
will be opening
June 2, 2017
Fort Worth Community Art Center
1300 Gendy, Fort Worth, Texas
(across the street from Amon Carter Art Museum)

Phil Whittington

Margie Whittington


Phil and I were selected to be included in this
TAC show at the Art Center.
Please visit any time during the month of June.

Visit again soon!

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Upstairs Gallery
AM and PM Classes

                                                            AM WATERCOLOR CLASS


Margie Whittington

So proud of members in my watercolor classes at the Upstairs Gallery.  They all did a great job on their Magnolia Paintings this week.  Even though we paint the same image all the paintings turn
out different in color and style.  Will get a photo of morning members class for next blog.

                                  Come back and visit soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Big Bend Cactus

Big Bend Cactus
16 x 20
Acrylic on Paper
Margie Whittington

This painting has been accepted in the
Society of Watercolor Artists of  Fort Worth, Texas
Juried Member's Show opening on
December 2, 2016 and goes through
December 29, 2016 at
the Fort Worth Community Art Center
1300 Gendy Street
across from the Amon Carter Museum on
Lancaster Avenue.

9 x 12 Art show
Phil and I both have 6 paintings each
in this annual show during the month of December.
Every painting in this show is priced at $100.
Don't miss out on some good bargains for
Christmas gifts.  This show also at the
Fort Worth Community
Art Center.

Opening reception for both shows 
Friday night, December 2, 2016, 6-9pm

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and
a very Merry Christmas.

Phil and Margie Whittington

Big Bend Cactus

Big Bend Cactus
16 x 20
Acrylic on Paper
Margie Whittington

This painting has been accepted in the
Society of Watercolor Artists of  Fort Worth, Texas
Juried Member's Show opening on
December 2, 2016 and goes through
December 29, 2016 at
the Fort Worth Community Art Center
1300 Gendy Street
across from the Amon Carter Museum on
Lancaster Avenue.

9 x 12 Art show
Phil and I both have 6 paintings each
in this annual show during the month of December.
Every painting in this show is priced at $100.
Don't miss out on some good bargains for
Christmas gifts.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and
a very Merry Christmas.

Phil and Margie Whittington

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bluebonnets and Windmill

Bluebonnets and Windmill
Watercolor Painting by
Phil Whittington

Phil has been busy painting in watercolor.
He just completed this 9x12 watercolor of a field of
bluebonnets with a Windmill in the background.
Julian Onderdonk, a turn of the century Texas bluebonnet
painter would be very proud and so am I.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Society of Watercolor Artists 2016 International Show

Society of Watercolor Artists 2016 International Show

"Autumn Leaves"
15 x 22

"Autumn Leaves" was selected for the 2016 SWA juried international show on
display now through June at the Central Library in
downtown Fort Worth, TX.
The awards ceremony is this Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Fish Tale!

Backyard musing #13

"A Fish Tale"

Early one morning
No bad weather warning.
A good day for a drive
To a farm in the   
A visit, a tour,
Then off to the lake
   with pole and a lure.
Big Mouth Bass
No bait did they pass.
First one, then two
On our hooks they flew.
The count of our catch
17, a record batch!
       Our day of fishing almost done,
One last cast to catch the 
      BIG one!


Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Red Pickup

"A Red Pickup"
9 x 12
Watercolor on Paper
While in Fredericksburg, TX last fall we
saw this Red Pickup Truck in front of a store on
main street.  There was a hay bale with a tin rooster
in the bed of the pickup. We painted this rendition of
the pickup in my watercolor classes.  One of my
students put a Christmas tree in the bed of the truck and
used the image on her Christmas card.
 Marilyn's Christmas Card
Visit my gallery on Daily Paintworks to
see more of my paintings,
Like my page on Facebook...
Margie Whittington Fine Art

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Night Train, Backyard Musing #9

"The Red Caboose"
Watercolor on Paper

Backyard Musing #9
The Mournful Whistle of a Night Train

The dark night closes in on the land
Like a soft black velvet cloak.
As the late night hours approach, quiet soaks into the earth.
Far off in the distance, the lonely whistle of a train
breaks into the peaceful night.
Travelers going to and from on the tracks to their destinations.
Some on their way far from home,
Some headed to the safety of family and the warm fires of home.
Again the haunting train  whistle  blows.
Now in the early still hours of morning while the world is still asleep.
Nocturnal activities are coming to an end.
The forlorn whistle pierces the dawn with a sharp mournful blast,
As day breaks and the sun begins to rise in the Eastern sky!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Lazy Labor Day Afternoon" Backyard Musing #3

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Approaching Storm", A Painting and Musing #2

Last August I was sitting in our backyard at dusk, watching
a summer storm approaching from the west.
Included at the end of this post is a painting entitled
 "Approaching Storm"
11 x 15

Backyard Musings #2
" Evening Storm Approaching "

Sat. 8-28-15

Two doves and a cardinal are eating at the bird feeder.
The temperature has dropped a little as a slightly cool breeze blows gently through the trees.
From the Southeast comes the distant rumble of thunder.
The big trees to the east start to gracefully sway as the
wind sweeps through them.
They are like giant fingers dancing back and forth to the
rhythm of nature's song.
Lightning then thunder moves closer as the breeze gets even cooler.
The doves have gone replaced by a family of cardinals still pecking at the seed both on the ground and in the feeder.
The cicadas are buzzing their nightly tune and a blue jay is chirping in the neighbor's tree.
The trees are like dancers performing, dipping down then lifting their arms to the evening sky.
The thunder claps its applause as streaks of lightening
light up the eastern sky.
Dusk descends into darkness.
The birds have flown to the safety of their nests.
I sit watching and waiting for the rain as the jagged lighting draws ever closer.
Ah I feel a rain drop!


"Approaching Storm"

Monday, December 7, 2015

"Curly Fries" and Backyard Musing #12 "Falling Leaves"

"Curly Fries"
Watercolor of Fall Leaves
Backyard musing #12
"Falling Leaves"

Gold, yellow, orange and brown,
Autumn leaves falling to the ground.
Fluttering down as light as a feather
In wind and rain and all kinds of weather.
The branches left naked and bare
So the birds can fly through the
 leafless air.
The trees no longer in full dress
Look like bones above
And below on  the ground, such a mess.
As the leaves stack higher
Even more dropping from the sky.
I'm reminded of a Georgia
O'Keefe painting , oh My!
Piles of crunchy acorns and leaves
Skipping and scurrying over the ground, if you please.
Cleaning and raking, a task never ending,
Till Spring comes again with a new beginning!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Backyard Musing #1

Backyard musing #1
Listening to the Cardinal's cheep.
As the sun sets, the half moon starts to shine.
A summer breeze passes over my cheek.
The cicadas start to buzz n hum. 
Dark slowly covers the trees and yard.
The evening peacefully begins.
The eastern sky is gold lavender and blue.
The Stars begin to appear 
One by one.
Dogs bark in the distance.
Traffic noises are dying down. 
Nighttime comes bringing rest to all. 


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nest Series

Acrylic Paintings on Gessoed Watercolor Paper
And Canvas Boards
Nest #1
11 x 15 Acrylic painting on
Watercolor paper with a coat of gesso
using Bob Burridge's color wheel
Nest #2
11 x 15
Acrylic painting on Watercolor Paper
with a coat of gesso
Black and White

Nest  #3
Acrylic on Canvas
Black and White


Nest #4
Acrylic painting on Canvas
using Bob Burridge's Color Wheel
My husband, Phil and I took a workshop with Bob Burridge,
a California artist and workshop instructor at the
Lake Granbury Art Association in Granbury, Texas.
Lots and lots of information and fun painting.
I'll be posting some of Phil's work and mine that
we produced during the 5 day workshop.
Come back soon to see more of our pieces.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Paintings were painted with
 a roller, a palette knife
and a brush
#1watercolor and gouache

#2watercolor and gouache
#3watercolor and gouache
These paintings were all done by using a roller to apply
watercolor on watercolor paper.  After the watercolor
dried I mixed a bit of white gouache with color and applied
it with a pallet knife for the horizontal streaks in the water.
Then with a brush I painted the lily pads and the blossoms
 using gouache with the pinks, reds and bright greens.
A Fun Process.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall brings cooler weather, fall leaves and pumpkins.
It is always fun to paint pumpkins. 
This painting is a 9 x 12
Watercolor by
Margie Whittington
This painting was painted like the previous one with the
addition of Krylon spray webbing, a spray used in antiquing
furniture). The webbing creates the gold splatters in the background
and on the surface of the painting.
To view more of my paintings please visit my gallery on
Daily Paintworks and the following websites.

Thanks for visiting my blog, come again soon.   

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sketching in the Park

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
Fort Worth, Texas
It was a beautiful morning in August, the temperature was
unusually mild.  Mid 70's in August at 8 am.
Phil, my husband, and I met a group of painters in the
gardens and sketched during the morning. Then we went to
the Old Neighborhood Grill  for lunch.
After lunch Phil and I went back to the gardens to the
area behind the Conservatory and sketched some more.
Morning Watercolor sketch, 8x11
Afternoon Watercolor sketch

Additional Watercolor and Ink sketch
After leaving the garden, we went to
Pappadeaux's to get coffee and out favorite dessert,
bread pudding.  I sketched this plaque with stuffed trout
while we enjoyed our dessert and coffee.
Fun Day with my Best Friend!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Possum Kingdom Lake
Watercolor Paintings

Author, Emily March, contacted me about painting several
paintings of the area at Possum Kingdom Lake called
Hell's Gate.  A large cliff area on the lake.
She is writing a series of books using this area as the location
of the stories in her series of books.
She had seen two other paintings I had done of Hell's Gate in
a blog post several years ago.
This was an exciting experience and my paintings will
be on the book cover!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Camellia with Gold", Save the Dates, Upcoming Shows and Sales

Susie's Floral,
Acrylic on Canvas
Textured with Gold Leaf
Commission Completed!
A friend commissioned me to paint a large 40 x 40 inch floral painting for the
 centerpiece of her living room to be displayed over the fireplace.
The colors were rich reds, blues, gold and green surrounding a white floral blossom. This painting was a challenge in several ways.
First of all I usually paint smaller paintings, not bigger than 24 x 30. Second I usually paint realistic subject matter, this piece was
more abstract and impressionistic.  Third I usually paint with more muted colors, this was really rich in color.  All in all I was pleased
with the result and my friend was very excited and loves the painting.

"Camellia with Gold"  in it's home above the fireplace.

For these shows in the fall that I will be participating in...
Preservation is the Art of the City, show and sale benefiting
Historic Fort Worth, September 4-28, 2014
Fort Worth Community Art Center (in the Will Rodgers Complex
across the street from the The Amon Carter Western Museum)
Drop by for a visit on Fall Gallery Night, September 6, 2014
PAINT, Professional Artists In North Texas, a  group show at
The Doss Heritage Museum in Weatherford, Texas
Truly Texan, September 9 thru October 12, 2014
Opening reception Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 6-9pm
Camp Fire First Texas 30th An Artists' Christmas,
Auction and Gala Saturday, November 15, 2014  
 The show will be on view at the
 Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel in Downtown Ft. Worth
From Monday November 3 thru Saturday, November 15, 2014 and on line at

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Singer Sewing Fun


"Singer Sewing Fun"
22 x 27
This is a painting of my Mom's Singer Sewing Machine called
a Featherweight. She made a lot of my clothes growing up on
 this machine. I remember a prom dress she made for me.  It was a
pretty blue material with a sheer material over it.  She and my grandmother
taught me how to sew and follow a pattern.  I made a couple of
prom dresses for my daughter.
This painting was in a show in Breckenridge, Texas at the
Breckenridge Art Center.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook for
advertising purposes.  A former neighbor and friend saw it and
bought it.  Her mother also had this type of sewing machine.  The painting
reminded her of her mother sewing for her.  DeAnne also sews and
does quilting.  I am so glad "Singer Sewing Fun" has a wonderful new home and
is being enjoyed by DeAnne and her family.

PAINT, Professional Artists In North Texas is having several shows in the
area during May, 2014.
The Fort Worth Community Art Center
1300 Gendy St. across from the Amon Carter Museum
Fort Worth, Texas
Reception  is May 9, 2014, 6-9 pm
The Lancaster Theatre
Palace Arts Center
300 S. Main St.
Grapevine, Texas
Please visit and view the art by PAINT Artists!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Green and Gold Watercolor


"Green & Gold"
This painting was a result of a class project and similar to the previous post,
Leave of Gold.  Lots of yellows and gold colors splashed wet into wet on the entire
piece of paper in the beginning.  When dry, the yellow layer of leaves and stems were drawn.
Then a dark green wash covered the area behind the leaf shapes.  When dry another layer of
leaves were drawn and painted behind with an even darker green.  The light spots
were rubbed out when painting was totally dry.  Also the foreground was dampened  with a brush loaded with water. Using a paper towel I rubbed the paint off leaving a lighter green
 at the bottom of the painting.
Thank you for viewing this post. 
Comments are always welcome.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Leaves of Gold"
"Leaves of Gold"
Margie Whittington
A new painting I did as a demo in Tuesday Morning Watercolor Class
at the Fort Worth Woman's Club.
I used Daniel Smith quinacradome transparent colors of
gold, scarlet and sienna. This brand of paint is rich and lustrous in
color.  The under painting was a wet into wet wash of colors and splatters.
 I then drew the leaf and stems on the dried wash.  Using a dark
mixture of ultramarine blue, gold, scarlet and burnt sienna, I painted the negative
area behind the leaf shapes leaving the original wash color on the shapes.
A little separation and detailing and I was finished.
Please leave a comment and let me know your impression of this painting.
Thank you for viewing this post. Please come back soon to see more paintings.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Phil, my husband, and I went sketching out doors last week.
We spent one evening at a park close by, Village Creek Park.
A perfect spring outing!
Phil's Sketch
Margie's Sketch
The following evening after Phil got home from work we went to 
Rose Hill Chapel, a rock chapel in a cemetery close by our home.
It was another beautiful spring evening and very quiet and peaceful.
Phil's Sketch
Margie's Sketch
Later in the week my friend Connie and I went out to sketch again.
While she was searching for her Father in law's resting place, I sketched
the Rose Hill Chapel again from another view.  I also drew a floral of
flowering Quince. It was a lovely spring afternoon..
Come back soon to see what quaint areas of our neighborhood we have
been sketching in.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bird's Nest
"Bird's Nest"
Margie Whittington
I entered this painting in the Fort Worth Community Art Center Biennial Art Show.
The opening or closing of the show was last Saturday on Gallery Night.
To my surprise it was sold.
I haven't blogged in a while but hope to share more of my art in my blog.
See you soon.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Painting done in
Wednesday Watercolor Class
 The Upstairs Gallery, Arlington, TX

Margie Whittington
For pricing information


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