Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day at the Lake!


Martha Sue Meek, who is one of the owners along with
her brothers, Mac Martin and JT Martin of the
Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas,
invited the Wednesday Watercolor classes that I
instruct to her lake house on Lake Granbury for
a  paint out.

Front Row:  Martha Sue and Lupe, Francie, Harriet and Mary
Second Row:  Casey, Patty, Marilyn, Sally and JT
Third Row:  Deb, Joan and Margie
Top Row: Chuck

Martha Sue in front of her
Granbury Lake House

Back Porch looking out on Granbury Lake

View of the lake and boat dock from
the back porch

Front Yard Painters

Back Porch Painters

Side Porch Painters

            Joan                                                                                                                                        Sally

           Harriett                                                                                                                                 Francie

        Marilyn                                                                                                                                      Chuck




Enjoy the next post and see the paintings, the subject matter
and the "Hat People" who attended
our Day at the Lake!

2010 Straw Hat Awards!


Several in the paint out group wore
very stylish straw hats. 
Here are the Winners of the Day
for Best Straw Hats!


         Sally                                                                                                                                          Patty



There were Painting Subjects galore at the
Meek Retreat
Granbury Lake House

By the time we reached the lake house, set up, settle in,
picked our subject, drew and started painting it was time to
eat lunch, paint some more then pack up and head home.
We started our paintings but will have to finish at home.
The following are pictures of our starts...

Our Paint Out at Martha Sue's Meek Retreat was
great fun and we learned that painting outside is not always the
easiest thing to do.  It was a pretty day, lots of sunshine but
very windy.  We enjoyed the outdoors, good friends and experienced
"The Art of Plein Air Painting"

By the end of the day some were getting a bit silly but very happy.
So long for now!

Visit again soon to see the next painting, project or outing....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 3 Graham, Texas Plein Air Watercolor Workshop

On the third day of our Plein Air Workshop in Graham, the
weather was cold and rainy.  We stayed inside and painted in
the Old Post Office Museum and Art Gallery.
We had a fun morning painting abstract underpaintings called
"Minglings" and "Janet Roger Roses".

On Thursday afternoon I painted a watercolor demonstration of the
 Water Lily Pads below, using a limited pallette and
negative painting.  That is painting around the positive subject
matter which in this case was the lily pads.
There was a nice group of artists at the meeting of the
Graham Artist's Guild.  After finishing the painting, I had a drawing and one of the
long time members won the painting. 
After the meeting, I was packed up and headed home to Fort Worth.
It was a fun workshop and I really enjoyed the ladies in the workshop group
and all the members of the guild who came to the meeting.

One of the ladies in my Canvas by Canvas Painting Group recently
remarried and moved to Graham.  She was instramental in my
getting the gig to teach in Graham.  Thanks again Cindy.

If you missed Day One and Day Two of the workshop just scroll down
and you will see the group painting bluebonnets and
scenes around an old Victorian house in Graham.

Come back soon to see the next art adventure or project!


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