Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Sassy and Silly

with lots to say and do

our sweet little cupcake

is already turning two!
Ella's birthday party was Sunday Afternoon, July 29, 2007, 2 pm to 4 pm, a little girl's tea party! The cute pink with green polka dot invitation was designed and made by Ella's mom, Angie. Our creative daughter, Angie, loves to design and make cards, decorate and put together precious keepsakes for the girls attending to take home as a remembrance of the affair. Ever party starts with the invitation! Angie used pink, green and purple as the color scheme. Adept at the computer, she made the paper, penned the poem and put it all together with a darling bow.

Next came the food for the cupcake party. What better to have than "cupcakes" with cookies, finger sandwiches and fruit. Lime sherbet and ginger ale made a lovely pale green refreshing punch to go with the dainty finger food.

The tables had purple with white polka dot table clothes and the chairs were covered with pink satin and secured by a pretty green ribbon and bow adorned with lavender, pink and purple flowers. Pink. green, and purple straw hats along with each little girls name plate decorated the table. A cute ceramic tea pot with balloons were the center piece of two little girl tables and one big girl table. In each chair was a colorful boa to play dress up with. Upon arrival the girls got to decorate their straw hats with ribbons, bows and flowers with the help of their mothers. After eating the delicious finger food and play it was on to the presents and a happy ending to the afternoon tea party.

Each little girl received a small pink and purple basket decorated with green and white polka dot ribbon and a bow on top made by Angie with a miniature clay cup cake in the center of the bow made by me, Ella's Grammy. The pretty basket contained a pink heart cookie baked and decorated by Angie, bracelets, a sucker, a small jar of pink finger nail polish, a cute pen and note pad and some lip balm. Everyone had a ball at the "Cupcake Tea Party" in honor of Ella's second birthday!
We hope you enjoyed viewing the tea party as much as Angie, with Grammy and Ella's assistance, enjoyed putting it all together.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Grace's grandmother has traveled in Africa and photographed many of the animals that are roaming around Grace's Safari Room. A Zebra and her colt graze in the meadow while a Lion takes a drink in a pond. In the background is an Elephant and her two babies following her and Gazelles napping under a shade tree. There is a Cheetah watching warily from the grasses by a stream and a tall Giraffe stands in the corner looking over the room from above the high window. There is a pack of Wild Dogs and a Hyena peering around the tree where above is a Leopard snoozing on a big branch.

In the bathroom atop a shelf sits a Monkey with a cup and a
toothbrush to greet Grace in the mornings and say goodnight
at bedtime.

All these animals keep Grace company while she plays,
reads and dreams about future adventures in the wilds of Africa!

Stay tuned for more art on walls as well as canvas and.....
Check out a new Canvas by Canvas blog
with paintings and recipes. UMMMMGOOD!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nancy's Red Boots

This is a painting I am submitting to Preservation is the Art of the City art show and sale sponsored by the Fort Worth Historic Society. The art show will be on display at the Fort Worth Community Art Center on West Lancaster in the Arts District of Fort Worth, starting September 1, 2007.
"Nancy's Red Boots" is my Preservation-theme Piece.I will also be showing several watercolors, oils and acrylics.


From his head to his toe,
He's not an average Joe.

A cowboy's "ten-gallon" hat serves for shade
On a hot summer day.

A "John B" is the cowboys' hat of choice,
Made by John B. Stetson Company, of course.

A kerchief on his face to keep out the dust.
A nice warm vest for the cold is a must.

His chaps aren't for decoration,
They're for rough work and protection.

Now, most important of all,
The "Boots" are what make a cowboy stand tall!

The boots that a cowboy must wear
Are made with the greatest of care.

From the narrow toe to the high slanted heel,
Each feature has a use and a special appeal.

Made with the very best grade of leather,
The inside is lined to be soft as a feather.

Hand-tooled, colorful inlays and brands,
Boot straps called "mule ears" by old cow hands.

The "Yellow Rose of Texas" is the design that adorns
The pretty red boots which Nancy has worn.

poem by Margie Whittington

The red boots of this painting belong to Nancy Standlee, a friend, fellow artist and blogger supreme. Not only does she paint colorful figures in her Calypso Series, she gives helpful hints on blogging in her daily posts. See what is happening on her blogspot today.

Friday, July 13, 2007

An Enchanted Room - Part II

Here are a few more pictures of Alyssa's room including a picture of Alyssa and her kitty, Trouble. The armoire in her room is decorated with swirls, hearts and stars like the ones on the walls. The front of the armoire has polka dot curtains on the top panels and the drawers and drawer pulls are decorated to match the motif of the room, too.

One last fairy waves her magic wand over the room as if to say.......


Visit again soon to see what is appearing on the next wall or canvas.
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and Canvas by Canvas to see new projects.

Thanks for dropping in.

An Enchanted Room - Part I

Alyssa's room is full of fairies, flowers, hearts and stars! A couple of surprises, too. A kitty named, Trouble, is purring in the corner and a green dolphin is flying over the whimsical swirls. Fairies with their magical wands create a fantasy room for a little girl to dream and play in.

More pictures of Alyssa's Enchanted Room will be coming soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doc away, or so they say!

In between painting murals on walls, I teach watercolor and acrylic classes and paint in several mediums. Here is an oil painting of an apple on an 8" x 10" canvas I painted recently. I have taken two oil painting workshops with oil painter, Jean Chambers, at the Fredericksburg School of Art in Fredericksburg, Texas. I paint primarily in watercolors and acrylics but I do enjoy painting with oils on occasion. Watercolors are light and transparent, a whole different feel than oil painting. Oils are rich in color and the application is so different from watercolor. I like the thick paint and sometimes use a palette knife instead of a brush. Teaching adult watercolor classes at The Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas and also at the Fort Worth Woman's Club has helped me in my own painting. Many of the basics I teach, are important in all medias such as design, values and color. One of the reasons I enjoy taking workshops is so I can become the student again rather than the teacher. Painting with fellow Canvas by Canvas artists in acrylics is a fun and challenging outlet, too. In the end, what it takes to do art is practice, practice, practice, whether it is watercolor, drawing, acrylics or oil.

Maybe a painting a day, keeps the doc away, or that's what I'm gonna say!
Come back soon, to see Alyssa's room!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Watering Can

Even a bouquet of flowers painted on the wall needs a sprinkle of water from a watering can hanging above. Margaret, a friend, and her dog, Pretzel, watched and visited while I painted a bouquet of hydrangeas, daisies and roses on her wall in her and Pretzel's TV room. The arrangement is painted under a real watering can, rather half of a real watering can hanging on the wall. The colors in the arrangement compliment the colors in the room, lavender, rose, yellow and green. We enjoyed our visit and Margaret and Pretzel will enjoy the flower bouquet when they are napping, watching TV or reading. I've included a picture of them.

Come back soon and see Alyssas' garden with flowers, fairies and butterflies.


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