Friday, July 13, 2007

An Enchanted Room - Part I

Alyssa's room is full of fairies, flowers, hearts and stars! A couple of surprises, too. A kitty named, Trouble, is purring in the corner and a green dolphin is flying over the whimsical swirls. Fairies with their magical wands create a fantasy room for a little girl to dream and play in.

More pictures of Alyssa's Enchanted Room will be coming soon.


Pcasso said...

I especially love the little fairies. They are precious!

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Margie, What a lucky little girl to have your fairies floating around. Such happy little figures to brighten the mood on gloomy days!

Nancy Standlee said...

MW, you are a busy and talented lady. I'm so glad you're in CBC.

Connie Michael said...

These rooms just get cuter and cuter, Margie! Love those fairies but don't think it looks like much fun to paint on the ceiling!


C2 said...

Way cute MW....way cute!!

Connie Michael said...

Cute cute cute cute cute cute and cuter! This little girl will never want to leave her room!



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