Saturday, September 22, 2007


This baby nursery has the feel of the ocean all around. One can almost feel the salty spray of the water as it laps against the bow of the Tall Ship. The sound of the sea gulls calling in the wind can be heard as they fly above the mountains and the ocean.
Ross, the baby's dad, envisioned the ocean theme. The room was painted two tones of blue, light blue for the sky and a darker blue for the ocean. Mount Cook in the New Zealand fiord, Milford Sound off the coast line is seen in the distance. Sailing out towards the open ocean is an 18th century Tall Ship named the RH Evans. The sails are billowing as the ship sets out on an ocean adventure that only a child's imagination can fathom.

Sea gulls sore over the clouds on a sunny day around the room. Above the doors is a scripture telling about the awesome creation of God. The parents hope for this child is to realize someday the wonder and beauty of the world that the Lord has made.

"In His hand are the deep places of the earth; The heights of the hills are His also.
The sea is His, for He made it; And His hands formed the dry land.
Oh come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker."
Psalm 95:4-6

The sun peaks through a cloud as dolphins playfully leap out of the water. A whale floats lazily in the waves as it sprays water into the air. A family of sea lions lounge on the outlying rocks at the entrance of the room as if welcoming those who enter.

I hope you have enjoyed this ocean voyage around the nursery of this baby boy. Come back soon and see what is on the next wall or canvas.

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Two Art events coming up are the Front Street Art Festival in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, September 29, 2007 and Holiday Magic at the Arlington Convention Center, Arlington, Texas on Friday, Nov. 30, Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 1 and 2, 2007.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Mckinley Laine's room is a Victorian delight. Her mother, Tiffany, made the bedding, curtains and some of the pillows in the precious room of greens, light pinks and dark pinks. The walls are a soft green and her name over the bed is painted in the same shades of pink and green with the flower designs found in the fabric. The name is surrounded by a pretty bow with flowers and tendrils twining around it.

A repeat of the ribbon and rose motif adorns the top of the door in Makinley's room.

Madison is six years old and loves to play "Webkins" on the computer. She gave me a crash course on what webkins are and everything about them. We had recently visited our grandsons and our six year old grandson is also a "Webkin" kid, so at least I knew what Madison was talk about. The webkins must be like the beanie babies were when our kids were growing up. Madison is a lively little girl and loves to talk. She entertained me while I painted in her and her sister, Makinley Laine, rooms. Madison's mom also made her bedding, curtains and pillows. The design on the bedding had dressed up frog princesses. The fabric was a variety of stripes, plaids, checkered and frog princesses. Madison's name over her bed is a combination of all the fabrics in the room. Pink, yellow and green pastel colors were used in the design in the block letters.

Madison and Makinley are very fortunate little girls to have such a talented mom who sews and decorated their beautiful rooms. I really enjoyed decorating their walls with color and design from the pretty fabrics and designs.

Madison has a decoration over the two doors in her room in the pinks and greens colors.

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Friday, September 7, 2007


Tyler loves the mountains and enjoys vacationing with his family in Colorado. He hunts and fishes with his Dad and enjoys the outdoors. Tyler and his family have recently moved into a new home and his room is in a mountain lodge motif. To add to the woodsy feel of his room, I painted a mountain mural on the wall above his bed. The mural is a peaceful setting on a lake with ducks swimming around and one taking flight. A bear makes his way to the lake to catch a fish for his dinner or just get a drink from the cool mountain water. There is a cabin nestled up off the shore. The lights are on to welcome home the fishermen from their outings in the canoes on the lake. A deer watches from the edge of the lake and a moose's silhouette in among the pine trees can be seen on the distant shore. All this will help remind Tyler of his memorable trips to the mountains on summer vacations.

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Christopher is Tyler's younger brother. Christopher's room is done in World War II airplanes and camouflaged soldiers parachuting down the wall. His name is also painted in camouflage over his bed. The "Flying Tiger" airplane painted on the wall has just won a battle and shot down an enemy plane. Not quite as peaceful as Tyler's mountain room but for a little
boy, it will be fun to imagine flying an airplane
and playing with GI Joe toys.

The ceiling fan in Christopher's room looks like the nose cone of a prop plane coming through the ceiling. To make it even more realistic, cracks in the ceiling were painted around the nose of the plane.

The rooms of Tyler and Christopher were fun to
paint. Hope you enjoyed viewing them.
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