Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Fish Tale!

Backyard musing #13

"A Fish Tale"

Early one morning
No bad weather warning.
A good day for a drive
To a farm in the   
A visit, a tour,
Then off to the lake
   with pole and a lure.
Big Mouth Bass
No bait did they pass.
First one, then two
On our hooks they flew.
The count of our catch
17, a record batch!
       Our day of fishing almost done,
One last cast to catch the 
      BIG one!


Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Red Pickup

"A Red Pickup"
9 x 12
Watercolor on Paper
While in Fredericksburg, TX last fall we
saw this Red Pickup Truck in front of a store on
main street.  There was a hay bale with a tin rooster
in the bed of the pickup. We painted this rendition of
the pickup in my watercolor classes.  One of my
students put a Christmas tree in the bed of the truck and
used the image on her Christmas card.
 Marilyn's Christmas Card
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Night Train, Backyard Musing #9

"The Red Caboose"
Watercolor on Paper

Backyard Musing #9
The Mournful Whistle of a Night Train

The dark night closes in on the land
Like a soft black velvet cloak.
As the late night hours approach, quiet soaks into the earth.
Far off in the distance, the lonely whistle of a train
breaks into the peaceful night.
Travelers going to and from on the tracks to their destinations.
Some on their way far from home,
Some headed to the safety of family and the warm fires of home.
Again the haunting train  whistle  blows.
Now in the early still hours of morning while the world is still asleep.
Nocturnal activities are coming to an end.
The forlorn whistle pierces the dawn with a sharp mournful blast,
As day breaks and the sun begins to rise in the Eastern sky!


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