Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going to Washington


This post and the two following posts are pictures from
our Wednesday Afternoon Watercolor Class at
the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas.

Marie-Jo is a member of our Wednesday afternoon
watercolor class. She along with Corinne and
Claudine were our "French Connection".
All three are from France and have been
attending class at the Upstairs Gallery for
quite some time. They entertain us with their
comments and constant conversation in their
native language French. We have no idea
what they are saying but we know
it is all good (we hope).  Corinne moved a couple of
years ago to South (or maybe North) Carolina. We still hear from her
through emails and via Claudine. Now Marie-Jo is moving to
Washington DC for a year and then back to France.

We are going to miss  you, Marie-Jo!!!!!

Claudine documented Marie-Jo's last watercolor class at
The Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas.
We had a fun day painting a Japanese lady standing on
a bridge. Then we made torn paper "Kimono" cards at the
end of class.

Marie-Jo painting

Marie-Jo, Margie, Claudine

Marie-Jo and Charlie

Marie-Jo and Margie

Marie-Jo and Class

Claudine's painting of Japanese Lady

Claudine's "Kimono" Card
torn paper collage with embellishment and splatters

Martha Sue, one of the three owners of the Upstairs Gallery

Watercolor Instructor, Margie

Crowned with brushes!!!

Best Wishes to Marie-Jo as she goes to Washington!
love from the Afternoon Watercolor class

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

I painted my grandchildren's names in watercolor as
one of their gifts for Christmas.
Here are the results....

Andrew is interested in archeology and
really likes to journal. His favorite movie is Indiana Jones.

Christopher likes sports and the outdoors.
I enjoyed painting this frog and I think he
liked it.

Ella likes anything pink, princesses and

Jack was a monkey at
Halloween.  I should have
painted Thomas the Train.
That will be for next year.

Luke loves to do whatever the big
kids are doing.  His mother calls him
her little monkey. So Luke got a monkey too.

It was fun painting the grands names.  Next year they will all
have a whole new set of interests so maybe I'll do this again.



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