Saturday, October 23, 2010

Painters In Plein Air-Camp Fire USA 2010

      Camp Fire USA sponsored an
invitational plein air paint out for 29 Texas Artists.
This was a four day paint out.  Thursday, Oct. 14 thru
Saturday, Oct. 17. The artists could paint paintings of locations in
the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens or the Japanese Gardens.
Each artist then donated one of their finished paintings to
Camp Fire USA for a silent auction. Awards and the auction were at a
Champagne and Jazz Brunch on Sunday after the Quick Draw Paint
on Sunday morning from 9 am to 11:30 am.
The Quick Draw paintings done by each artist was also donated to
the silent auction to raise funds for CF USA.

The weather during the paint out was wonderful.
Cool mornings, sunshine and warm afternoons.
An artist dream, to sit or stand and paint for four days.
I met so many talented artists, some I already knew
 and enjoyed every day.

I gained a new appreciation for Camp Fire USA and
their endeavors to help children of the community.  It
 is a great organization working to help
children and develop youth into strong leaders .
The Paint Out Committee and Camp Fire USA staff
did such a terrific job helping the artists,
 organizing the paint out and planning the luncheon.
 I was impressed on
so many levels with Camp Fire USA.

The picture of the painting below is of
my donation to the plein air painting of the paint out.

9" x 12"

This rose painting was my quick draw contribution
to the paint out.
Both paintings sold at the silent auction at the
Sunday Brunch.

9" x 12"

Following are pictures of friends and family that came to
visit during the paint out.I was overwhelmed with the support my
friends and family gave me during this
event.  Many of my watercolor class members, friends and 
my Canvas by Canvas group of artists visited and I met new friends
and artists as well.  Phil, my husband, Della, Marta, Judy, Jo and husband,  
Carolyn, her husband and son,
 Joan and husband, Peggy, Deb and friend
visited but I didn't get pictures.

Mary Ann, Connie, Barbara, Margie, Karen, Betty and Nancy
CBC artists

Sally and Francis

Richard, Hadley and Tweed

Leslie, Lisa and family

Danny and Cindy

Me and CBC


Charlott and Gaye

Nancy and Connie

It was a fun time and being outside at the Fort Worth Botanic gardens
in such beautiful fall weather was such a treat.

Come back soon and see some of the artists who painted in
the Camp Fire USA 2010 Paint Out. Click on the link
and see pictures and a list of artists that participated in this years paint out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Rhett and Ringo" Boarder Collie Portraits



Family friends have two boarder collies, Rhett and Ringo.
I had done a painting of Ringo last fall and have been
meaning to finish Rhett.  Finally, this past weekend I got
Rhett's portrait done.  Now they can have the paintings to
hang on the wall for the holidays.
Both are painted on a 12" x 12" square canvase
in Acrylic paints.

Come back soon to see new paintings I have been working on in
watercolor and some abstracts.


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