Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Bible School 2010

Vacation Bible School
Sagamore Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas

The Following pictures are of the VBS
at our church.  There were so many talented and
dedicated people who worked together to decorate and
plan for the 100+ children expected during the week of
June 14 thru 18, 2010
Several chuck wagons were built, sets painted,
and a million other details  went into this VBS.
The western theme was carried through out the
different activity rooms and auditorium.

Chuck Wagon on stage in Auditorium
built by Paul and Scottie

Some posters and props were purchased at
Life Way Christian Store

 Four 4ft. x 8ft. Panels were painted by
Brandi, Sarah, Judy and Margie

The stage in the sanctuary looked
mighty western, padner!

This tall cowboy welcomed the children in
the entrance of the church.  The kids on
 the fence and horse also welcomed the
children as they came in to register for VBS.

These props were painted by
Brandi, Judy and Margie

The Music Room was decorated with more
Panels and a river with a campfire and a

Crafts were in the barn with a horse and
stuff you would find in a barn.

The barn walls were built by Kay, Peggy, Ruth, Judy
 LaVenia and Anita.
The barn walls and horse were painted by Margie
with the help of Phil and Mike

This is the Howdy Cow that welcomed the children
into the Craft Area.

The Bible Story was in a room decorated
with a corral and another Chuck Wagon.
This decor was designed and built by

The Snack area also had a Chuck Wagon
made by Mr. and Mrs. Price.

The Mission area was entered into through
this cave wall built by
Brandi and Jason.


The sets, props and wagons were amazing and done
by some very dedicated people. There are so many leaders, helpers
and workers who all help to make this all come together.
Our hope is that the children who attend the VBS
will gain a knowledge of Jesus and his love for them.

Ya'll come back real soon to see the next painting project!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Paint Historic Waxahachie 2010

A Plein Air Paint Out in Waxahachie, Texas

A week long paint out on location in downtown Waxahachie and
the surrounding area with beautiful Victorian houses, gardens, the courthouse,
a trolley car, and many other subjects just waiting to
be painted by 52+ artists who came from many cities in the
metroplex.  Artists represented many cities including Fort Worth, Dallas,
 Granbury, Grapevine, Corsicana, Maypearl, Arlington
and of course Waxahachie.

The painting event was sponsored by
The Ellis County Art Association

On the last Friday of the competition there is a BBQ
and an awards program for the artists who have participated
in the paint out.  The paintings produced during the week are on
display in the Pavilion in Getzendaner Park, Waxahachie for the
weekend for viewing and for sale.
There is also the annual Ginger Bread Trail and Tour of Homes and
an Arts and Craft fair in the park.  This is a fun weekend outing and
just a short drive from the Metroplex.

The following paintings are what I produced during the four days
I participated in the paint out event.

Day 1
I painted with two other painters who were from Granbury.  We
painted on Marvin Street.  I opted to do a pretty burgundy and red
Japanese Maple for my first painting of the day. 

Oil on Canvas

My second painting was a lawn chair in the garden of a beautiful
Victorian house on Univerity Drive.

Oil on Canvas

Day 2
Saturday morning was a Quick Draw Competition.
The artists had 90 minutes to complete a painting on the Courthouse Square.
Your subject could be anything from a store front, a trolley parked by
the Rogers Hotel, a Farmer's Market on the street by the courthouse
or the Courthouse itself.  My choice was an old Ford pickup that
belonged to a man selling produce at the market.  As I got set up
and started drawing, the owner came over to me and said,
"Are you gona paint my truck?"  I was afraid he might not want me to
but after saying yes, his response was, "I wanna buy the painting when your
finished".  I was relieved and he did buy it and he was happy and I was too.

Acrylic on Canvas

Day 3  "Memorial Day 2010"
Phil, my husband joined me on Monday, Memorial Day to paint in Waxahachie.
I was pleased that he chose to paint rather than play golf.  We set up our
painting gear at the Old Feed Store a couple of blocks away from
the downtown area.  Along with an artist from Corsicana and one from
Dallas, we all painted in the heat of the Texas summer.  We had a shade
tree we all shared and there was a slight breeze occasionally.
Here are the results of our painting day. 

11"x 14"

Oil on Canvas
by Phil Whittington

Day 4
My last day to paint in Waxahachie for this year's paint out.
As Phil and I had driven around the town on Memorial Day
we noticed this alley way and the Waxa Courthouse at the end.
I chose this as my subject to paint on this last day.  It was a bit of a
challenge but fun to paint and I liked the result.

Acrylic on Canvas
11" x 14"

I had time for one final painting on Day 4.  There was
the cutest pig planter at  a house on University Dr. where I
had painted the "Yard Chair"  on Day 1.  So, here is my
painting of the "Pig Planter"

Acrylic on Canvas

The paint out was fun but very hot.  It is a challenge to paint on location but it is also
very rewarding to produce paintings that are original and meaningful.
Hope you get a chance to visit  Historic Waxahachie sometime soon.

Come back soon to see the next painting project!


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