Friday, September 7, 2007


Christopher is Tyler's younger brother. Christopher's room is done in World War II airplanes and camouflaged soldiers parachuting down the wall. His name is also painted in camouflage over his bed. The "Flying Tiger" airplane painted on the wall has just won a battle and shot down an enemy plane. Not quite as peaceful as Tyler's mountain room but for a little
boy, it will be fun to imagine flying an airplane
and playing with GI Joe toys.

The ceiling fan in Christopher's room looks like the nose cone of a prop plane coming through the ceiling. To make it even more realistic, cracks in the ceiling were painted around the nose of the plane.

The rooms of Tyler and Christopher were fun to
paint. Hope you enjoyed viewing them.
For other murals and paintings, please view the archived blogs found at the top of this blog and for watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings, please visit the "Galleries" page on my website,

One more item of interest is an art show and sale at the Fort Worth Community Art Center that some of my paintings are included in sponsored by Historic Fort Worth, "Preservation is the Art of the City". The show is open now thru September 29, 2007.
Also new paintings by Margie Whittington can be seen at an art show opening, Saturday, September 8, 2007 at the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington during Fort Worth's Fall Gallery Night.
Be sure and view to see new paintings and events coming up.
Come back again soon to see what is new on the easel and murals on the wall.


BG Hackney said...
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Jana said...

I love the airplane fan!! That is great!!


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