Friday, September 7, 2007


Tyler loves the mountains and enjoys vacationing with his family in Colorado. He hunts and fishes with his Dad and enjoys the outdoors. Tyler and his family have recently moved into a new home and his room is in a mountain lodge motif. To add to the woodsy feel of his room, I painted a mountain mural on the wall above his bed. The mural is a peaceful setting on a lake with ducks swimming around and one taking flight. A bear makes his way to the lake to catch a fish for his dinner or just get a drink from the cool mountain water. There is a cabin nestled up off the shore. The lights are on to welcome home the fishermen from their outings in the canoes on the lake. A deer watches from the edge of the lake and a moose's silhouette in among the pine trees can be seen on the distant shore. All this will help remind Tyler of his memorable trips to the mountains on summer vacations.

Continue to the next post to see Tyler's brother's room and some important information at the end of the post.


gotyme4u said...

I love the propeller coming through the ceiling and the paratroupers. VERY cute Mw....NICELY DONE!

Connie Michael said...

Margie, you are simply amazing. Both of these rooms are SO neat and I bet there are two very happy little boys in this family!



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