Monday, July 23, 2007


Grace's grandmother has traveled in Africa and photographed many of the animals that are roaming around Grace's Safari Room. A Zebra and her colt graze in the meadow while a Lion takes a drink in a pond. In the background is an Elephant and her two babies following her and Gazelles napping under a shade tree. There is a Cheetah watching warily from the grasses by a stream and a tall Giraffe stands in the corner looking over the room from above the high window. There is a pack of Wild Dogs and a Hyena peering around the tree where above is a Leopard snoozing on a big branch.

In the bathroom atop a shelf sits a Monkey with a cup and a
toothbrush to greet Grace in the mornings and say goodnight
at bedtime.

All these animals keep Grace company while she plays,
reads and dreams about future adventures in the wilds of Africa!

Stay tuned for more art on walls as well as canvas and.....
Check out a new Canvas by Canvas blog
with paintings and recipes. UMMMMGOOD!


Connie Michael said...

What a fabulous job, Margie. Grace is a lucky little girl!

BG Hackney said...

Wonderful Margie, I love,love the zebras!! What a fun job. bg


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