Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nancy's Red Boots

This is a painting I am submitting to Preservation is the Art of the City art show and sale sponsored by the Fort Worth Historic Society. The art show will be on display at the Fort Worth Community Art Center on West Lancaster in the Arts District of Fort Worth, starting September 1, 2007.
"Nancy's Red Boots" is my Preservation-theme Piece.I will also be showing several watercolors, oils and acrylics.


From his head to his toe,
He's not an average Joe.

A cowboy's "ten-gallon" hat serves for shade
On a hot summer day.

A "John B" is the cowboys' hat of choice,
Made by John B. Stetson Company, of course.

A kerchief on his face to keep out the dust.
A nice warm vest for the cold is a must.

His chaps aren't for decoration,
They're for rough work and protection.

Now, most important of all,
The "Boots" are what make a cowboy stand tall!

The boots that a cowboy must wear
Are made with the greatest of care.

From the narrow toe to the high slanted heel,
Each feature has a use and a special appeal.

Made with the very best grade of leather,
The inside is lined to be soft as a feather.

Hand-tooled, colorful inlays and brands,
Boot straps called "mule ears" by old cow hands.

The "Yellow Rose of Texas" is the design that adorns
The pretty red boots which Nancy has worn.

poem by Margie Whittington

The red boots of this painting belong to Nancy Standlee, a friend, fellow artist and blogger supreme. Not only does she paint colorful figures in her Calypso Series, she gives helpful hints on blogging in her daily posts. See what is happening on her blogspot today.


Barbara said...

Lovely Margie, can't wait to see the other paintings for The Art of Preservation show. You have made it so special with your poem. You are so good at that, pretty soon you will have a book of poems! bg

Nancy Standlee said...

Great job on my boots. No wonder you got into the show. I hope you post your poem along side the painting.

Man In The Crowd said...

what can I say? Great boots. Great painting. Keep the flame alive!

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Well Margie, those boots will make a big SPLASH at the Ft. Worth Preservation Show! I know there'll be some great stuff going on there. Too bad I hadn't painted my cowboy, Howdy, in time -- but maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

"wow" was all that i could say!
Margie- What a joy to see the beautiful boots painting and then read your great poem!Love the western heritage theme! Proud to know you! Pam Swinnnea


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