Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doc away, or so they say!

In between painting murals on walls, I teach watercolor and acrylic classes and paint in several mediums. Here is an oil painting of an apple on an 8" x 10" canvas I painted recently. I have taken two oil painting workshops with oil painter, Jean Chambers, at the Fredericksburg School of Art in Fredericksburg, Texas. I paint primarily in watercolors and acrylics but I do enjoy painting with oils on occasion. Watercolors are light and transparent, a whole different feel than oil painting. Oils are rich in color and the application is so different from watercolor. I like the thick paint and sometimes use a palette knife instead of a brush. Teaching adult watercolor classes at The Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas and also at the Fort Worth Woman's Club has helped me in my own painting. Many of the basics I teach, are important in all medias such as design, values and color. One of the reasons I enjoy taking workshops is so I can become the student again rather than the teacher. Painting with fellow Canvas by Canvas artists in acrylics is a fun and challenging outlet, too. In the end, what it takes to do art is practice, practice, practice, whether it is watercolor, drawing, acrylics or oil.

Maybe a painting a day, keeps the doc away, or that's what I'm gonna say!
Come back soon, to see Alyssa's room!


Pcasso said...

Love the new painting, MAW, as well as the philosophy behind your thoughts and paintings. Can't wait to return home so we can paint together. I've missed you. XOXO, Pcasso

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Margie, you've got that "old masters" look this painting. Very nice.

Connie Michael said...

Great job, Margie. This is beautiful. Is it hanging in The Upstairs Gallery?

Nancy Standlee said...

Love the ptng. and so nice you're posting on the Daily Painters Marketplace.

Rodrigo said...

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