Thursday, January 11, 2018

"The Creek at Brown Ranch"

A Painting of "The Creek at Brown Ranch"

The Brown Family commissioned a painting of the creek bed
on their ranch.  Many photos were provided of the creek and the
surrounding area with Texas foliage, wildflowers, trees and rocks.
The painting was an acrylic on canvas, approximately 3,1/2' x 6'. 
The custom made canvas
was delivered to the Brown's home in the Fort Worth area. 
 My husband, Phil and I  picked it up,
and the boxed canvas just fit in Phil's pick up bed.
I set up the canvas in my art studio which is the formal
dining area and living room of our house which I use for my studio.
  The canvas took up about 8 feet of work space. It was across from
the bay window which gave me a lot of light on the canvas as I painted it.
I set to work painting and it took me
about 2 months to complete in between teaching
art classes, family activities and church..  I have painted murals on walls
before so I approached this large canvas like a mural..
The progression of the painting process is pictured below.

A photo of the creek and surrounding area to be painted 

Beginning value sketch with tree placement, horizon tree line
and creek with surrounding rocks

Sky, trees, grass areas, meadow in mid ground and
rocks beginning to develop

Foreground trees and shadows added

Finished Left side of painting, trees, water, rocks, wild flowers, cactus
with three wild turkey in the meadow and a 10 point buck
in the far background

Finished Center of painting with creek bed, water, rocks
wild flowers and trees

Finished right side of painting with 2 quail, rocks
trees, more cactus and wild flowers

After a trip to the framer, the painting was transported by van
and delivered to its
new home over the fireplace of the
Brown's Ranch House.

This painting was quite a challenge and a very
fulfilling experience. I hope it will be enjoyed by the
Brown family and their friends for a long time.

Thank you to the Browns for their vision and all their input and
photos of their land that helped me envision the scene
and successfully paint it.

Hope you enjoyed this post, comments are always appreciated.
Please share my blog with your family and friends.

Thank you,

Margie Whittington

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