Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kay Granger Award Presentation

Kay Granger, United States Representative,
 receiving the National Association of Manufacturers Award
presented to her by Della Williams, President of Williams Pyro Inc.
located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kay Granger was very instrumental in having a new
battle ship named after Fort Worth, Texas.
She had the honor of christening the USS Fort Worth.
I made the collage pictured below for Phil to give to her.
Della had Phil present it to her while she was at
Williams Pyro, Inc. receiving her manufacturing award.
Phil, my husband is an employee of Williams Pyro, Inc.
The collage shows pictures of the USS Fort Worth and
Congresswoman Granger signing a plaque and also
christening the ship.  The sides of the collage have
various pictures of people who have visited with 
Kay Granger in her office in Washington, DC.

This was Phil's and my thank you to Kay Granger for all
the work she has done and is doing for
Fort Worth, Texas and the USA serving
as our representative in  Congress.

Come back soon for another visit!!!


Connie Michael said...

Margie, this is so wonderful!

Nancy Standlee said...

Great collage and I know Kay will hang it proudly.

Pcasso said...

What a great collage. I know how much I've enjoyed the one you did for me! She's lucky to have that great work of art!


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