Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fort Worth Stock Yards 2-18-11

Last Saturday a group of plein air artists met at
the Fort Worth Stock yards to paint and in my case draw.
It was a nice morning, warm and sunny.  We chose different locations
to paint and got started about 10 am.  I had gotten there around 9 am
and took photos and tried to decide what to paint.
The Coliseum is a great architectural structure.  I chose a small
decorative corner with an open arch at the upper left corner of the
building.  At the same location when I turned to my left I could
see Exchange and Rodeo.  I decided to draw in
my sketch book rather than paint.  I really enjoyed being outdoors and
finished a couple of drawings as seen in the photos below.

A drawing of Exchange Ave. in the Ft. Worth Stock Yards

Sketch on the left  below is of the top of the Coliseum
Sketch on the right is of an arch on the top left of the Coliseum


The following are some photos I took on Saturday morning.
Cowboys and cowgirls on horseback, a cattle drive through the street,
Molly the Trolley, a stagecoach plus other photos. There was a
petting pen for children to feed the animals.  Lots of goats and llamas and
a tiny baby goat that was so cute. The artists met
at Risky's BBQ and had lunch.  Some painted more
in the afternoon, others headed home.
It was a very enjoyable day.

Come back soon for another visit!


Douglas Clark said...

Margie, I like how you paired your drawings with the photos,plus all the other photos you included. It was a very good day and looks like for you a very productive one as well.

Connie Michael said...

Beautiful drawings, Margie. I'm so glad you went and hope to join you next time.

Jill Hailey Randall said...

Love your beautiful drawings of the Stockyards. Thanks for including the photo - so interesting. I especially love the one of the new baby goat.

Sheriart said...

Great job on the sketches. I like how you included the photos of the area.

Linda said...

It was a great day! I like seeing your sketches and the photos. Your sketches are wonderful!


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