Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texas Family Home

Pen and Ink Drawing
Margie Whittington

This is the second drawing of a family's home that I
have done recently. They have a collection of pen and ink
drawings of all the houses they have lived in and this is their current home.
I did a drawing of their former home on one of the
snow days we had last week.
It has been a week since our last cold spell with snow here in
Fort Worth and the snow, ice and temperatures in the teens is
here again.  Usually I teach watercolor classes on Wednesday at
The Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas.
Not today,  driving conditions aren't good and I certainly
don't want to drive and I don't want any of my students to
have to get out either.  So it is a good day to stay in, draw or
paint, sip hot cocoa and listen to an audio book! The book I am listening
to is entitled "The Winding Way Quilt" by Jennifer Chiaverini.

Come back soon to see the next art project or
hear about the current book I am listening to.

This is the drawing from last week.  The family's former home.


Nancy Standlee said...

Hurray for a job well done and time well used..not so for me..mostly hugging my laptop all day.

Connie Michael said...

Beautiful drawing, Margie Ann. I'm listening to a book, too ... Power Play by Joseph Find. It's goooooood!

Margie Whittington said...

Thanks Nancy and Connie for your comments on the house drawrings!
Stay in and stay warm!!!!!

Douglas Clark said...

Great drawings. You are multi-talented!

Sheriart said...

Congratulations Margie, these are beautiful.


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