Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy Quilts & Zentangles


Crazy Quilts and Zentangles are a lot alike.
I have done quilting and I especially like "Crazy Quilts"
because of the different patterns and colors ot the
material used.  Also I use ribbon embroidery in some of the
spaces and tie it all together with embroidery stitches.

"Zentangle" drawings are much the same in that you draw
patterns and designs in the spaces.  I have enjoyed this new (to me) but
old art form.  The round "mandala" designs are another type of
design with pattern in a circular form.  A friend pointed out
 to me that she doodles in her sketch book with the
"Mandalas"  form of doodling.
Eventually I need to get back to painting but am
enjoying this diversion of  doodling and drawing

Below is a Crazy Quilt that I stitched several years ago.
Below that is a Zentangle I drew while watching the
Olympics on TV.  I was

Crazy Quilt Box Lid
with Ribbon Embroidery and Embroidery Stitches

Zentangle Ink Drawing
 in a 9 square motif.

Both art forms deal with pattern and design.

Here are links to more interesting Zentangle sites


Connie Michael said...

Tooooo coooooool, Margie Ann!

Nancy Standlee said...

I love both, Margie. I've tried the crazy quilt but not the zen t. thanks for sharing. n


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