Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quail Season? Correction, Chukar Partridge!

The Chukar Quail visited again on Wed, the 24th.  We googled
Quails and found pictures of the Chukar Quail.  So we know what kind
of bird but don't know where he came from.  He may be living in the
piles of trees limbs at the curb due to the snow storm a
few weeks ago. 

An unusual looking bird, not the
normal ones that hang around our yard, was
looking for his breakfast in our front yard today.
It is very cold here in Ft. Worth, Texas on this
23rd day of February. There were snow flurries as
he pecked around on the ground.
A red beak, red around the eyes and red
legs and feet with stripes on the side made
him very interesting looking.  My friend said it was a Quail.
I would not have know.  I was just curious
why and where he came from.  Maybe
he'll come back tomorrow.  I'll keep a look out.
There may be a bird painting in the near future.

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