Saturday, January 22, 2011

Painting on Antique Tree Saw, "USENER SAW BLADE"

This is an antique saw blade that I have painted a Hill Country Scene on.
The Usener Ranch is close to Fredericksburg, Texas and the
saw painting was commissioned by the family.
The scene includes a barn on the left end, the side view of an
old GMC Pickup used on the ranch, the Usener name on a marble
state of Texas  mounted on a huge boulder at the ranch, a front view
of the GMC Pickup and finally a family of deer
 on the right side of the saw. Bluebonnets fill the landscape.

Hope you enjoy viewing this commission piece. It was fun to paint.

The following photos are close ups of the scene painted on the saw blade above.

Come back soon and see new painting projects on canvas, paper or maybe
another "SAW" or who knows? 

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northierthanthou said...

Very cool piece of work.


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