Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Colorado Rocky Mountain High"


During our two week vacation in Cuchara, Colorado, we did a lot of
fishing, relaxing, playing 42 (a domino game) golfing, hiking,
zentangling, sketching, crocheting and some ribbon embroidery.
It is amazing how much one can get done in two weeks away in
a simple mountain cabin and the surrounding area.  The simple things are so important.  We
enjoyed God's beautiful landscapes as we fished in the clear mountain lakes
of Rocky Mountain National Forest.
The following are pictures of the art and handwork produced during our
two weeks away.  All the drawings, zentagles and color sketches were done
in a 4" x 4" sketch book that was easy to take on location.




Aspen Leaf Stampings

Double page painting of Aspen Leaves

Trout Sketch

Chip monks helped us fish especially if we feed them sunflower seeds.

While fishing one day, I sketched the rocks at the shore of the lake. (unfinished)

On another day, I sketched the scene across the lake. (unfinished)

Phil, my husband and Helen, our daughter-in-law painted one evening after a
day of fishing and hiking.

Phil's watercolor painting of Blue Lake  9" x 12"
(a small bit of tweaking by Margie)

A Cherry Blossom Branch by Helen 9" x 12"
(no there were no cherry blossoms in Colorado,
a photo from the Internet using her Blackberry phone)

Jack, our 3 year old grandson, and I painted one afternoon.
Jack painted a colorful abstract and used watercolor to make
Aspen Leaf stampings.

Our son, Jake and Phil got to watch a Texas Rangers Game one evening.
They were happy campers!!!!!!

As we were driving to and from Colorado and to and from the lakes where
we fished, I crocheted and completed a pink baby blanket for a friend's grand baby.

Also, I had time to do some ribbon embroidery.
We visited a fiber artist's studio in La Veta, Colorado.
Judith Baker Montano is a well know fiber artist, author and
does beautiful crazy quilts.  I purchased her recent book and
she was kind enough to sign it for me.  What an amazing artist she is.

These are small angels decorated with ribbon embroidered flowers and
leaves. A backing is sewed on and then I stuff them with lavender seeds to
make a pretty angel sachet.

Pink Crocheted Baby Blanket

We woke up to the low 40's every morning.  The Saturday morning we were leaving,
it was 39 degrees.  Of course when the sun came up over the mountain peaks
the temperature warmed up to the 70's and low 80's.  Really nice sleeping weather.
When we left and drove into Amarillo and on home to Fort Worth the temperature
climbed into the 100's.  We thoroughly enjoyed our annual trip to the
Colorado Rockies, Cuchara, and the Spanish Peaks area. We are already
looking forward to next year.

Come back soon to see what is on the easel.


Pcasso said...

What wonderful artwork that makes wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Connie Michael said...

Margie, you're inspiring. All of this is beautiful!

Nancy Standlee said...

Great sketchbook entries and I'm familiar with the needlework artist. At one time I wanted to do crazy quilt stitching just like hers.

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Margie, loved looking at your sketch book zentangles and other sketches and hearing about your trip. Thanks for sharing. BT

Janae Brooklynn said...

What a perfect setting and ready to take a trip to Colorado until Fall arrives! All the sketches, needlework,and art work are amazing.

Sheriart said...

Ive stayed in Cuchara before and really enjoyed your sketches of Bear lake. Phill's painting was lovely.
Sounds like a great time.


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