Friday, July 16, 2010


Hell's Gate, Possum Kingdom Lake
Early Morning, 6:30 am as the Sun was rising

Hell's Gate, Possum Kingdom Lake
Afternoon, 3pm

July 14-15, 2010
An artist friend invited several artists to
her lake-house at Possum Kingdom Lake.
What fun we had, painting, swimming, relaxing, eating and napping.
Thanks so much for your generous hospitality!!!!!!

Here are the paintings I completed....

"Hell's Gate, Possum Kingdom Lake"
5" x 7"
(painted on location)

"Hell's Gate, West Cliff, Possum Kingdom Lake"
5" x 7"
(painted on location)

"Swingin by the Lake"
5" x 7"
(painted on location)

"The Far Shore"
5" x 8"
(painted on location)

"Lake Shore Reeds"
5" x 8"
(painted on location)

We spent our afternoon painting and swimming.
Brady, a neighbor's golden retriever joined us and entertained us
all afternoon chasing shadows and rocks in the water.
He really enjoyed entertaining himself and us playing in the water.

The Lake House was a Beautiful Home!!!
The first view is the front facing the street.
The second view is the back facing the Lake
with a deck, patio furniture and a Gazebo
The lawn led to the beach.  There was a glider under
the shade trees to sit, swing, view the lake and enjoy
a breeze on a hot July day.

How many artists does it take to secure a piece of plastic
 on a picnic table in the wind?
At least 3, Doreen, Cathy and Marilyn
I took the photo!

Marilyn at her easel. Proof that we did paint!

Come back soon for the next painting project or outing!


Connie Michael said...

Wonderful paintings, Margie. And it looks like ya'll had a blast. Love the dog. Want to see a painting of him next! :)

Nancy Standlee said...

I think your rocks/cliff paintings are so great.. I've wanted to try that sometime..thanks for the inspiration. It all looks wonderful except the 6:30am part.

Lisa Daria said...

I've never heard of this area, it's beautiful, I really love the 5x7" you did on location -


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