Thursday, April 8, 2010

"TEXAS LONGHORN" by Margie Whittington

See the progression of this painting in reverse order
Photo No. 1, Finished Painting
Photo No. 2, Second Phase of Painting
Photo No. 3, First Phase of Painting

24" X 30"
Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
Finished Painting
See the progression of this painting below.
In this last pase of the painting process, I strengthened
the colors on the steer, paid attention to the details on the
steer's head and patterns on his hide.  Also, refined the
grassy area with some light grasses and darkened the
tree behind the steer.

In the second phase of the longhorn painting (see the first phase below)
I painted the dark grass area and the tree behind the steer.
Then I started painting and developing the steer, the face, horns
and the patterns on the steer's hide.  Ending with the painting above.

In the first phase of this painting, I drew the longhorn steer. After painting
the sky blue, I decided to put some texture in the sky and surrounding the
steer.  Then I painted a thin wash of quinacradome gold over the background.
I developed some of the dark patterns on the steer. The photo preceding this one shows
the second phase of the longhorn painting.

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Elizabeth Taylor said...

That's so cool to be able to see the progress from underpainting to final. Thanks for doing this Margie. BT


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