Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day Two, Graham Plein Air Watercolor Workshop & Side Trip

Graham, Texas
Bluebonnets and Lake Graham Shoreline

Here we are standing in the Bluebonnets
Left to right...
Sandra, Debi, Suzy, Beth, Joann, Rose, Louisa, Margie

The bluebonnets were beautiful along the roadside on the Lake Road.
This is the scene I chose for my first demo of the morning.

The second demo of the morning was a veiw of Bluebonnets
up close and as they recede into the distance.

We had a picnic lunch under a shade tree by the shore of
Lake Graham.  The only thing missing was a hammock
to take an afternoon nap with the cool breeze of the
lake blowing gently.  But, alas, we got back to painting.

My third demo of the day in the afternoon was a scene of a tree branch
reflecting in a pool of water on the lake shore.

There was a painting everywhere you looked on this
glorious day of painting.

Be sure and check on our Third Day of the
workshop.  The weather was cold, windy and rainy
so we painted in the nice warm Post Office Museum in town.

Debi, one of the ladies in the paint group lived
on the other side of the lake and invited us to come
see the water flooding her pasture where the spillway is on
her property.  We also saw her herd of goats.
There was a baby goat just born the night before. 
The little baby goat was so cute and
very wobbly on its little legs.  Mama was very protective.
Ginger, Debi's dog wanted to be in a picture. See photos below.
Such a nice ending to a wonderful day!

This is a flooded pasture.  The spillway is under water
to the right of the road where it goes into the water and
picks up again on the other side.

When dry, this is a pasture area.

Less than a day old baby goat.
Toooo Cute!!!!

A Gathering of Goats at Lake Graham! 

Ginger says Bye, Bye for now,
Come back soon!

One Final note.  Beth, Debi and I ate at the Wildcatter Restaurant Wednesday
evening.  Great food, great scenery looking over the Brazos River valley
and great company. 


Pcasso said...

Love the photos, commentary AND your paintings. Good job. Thanks for keeping me up to speed with your "splashing" antics :-)

Nancy Standlee said...

Margie, I loved the paintings and the post and admire your ability to paint plein aire.


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