Wednesday, March 4, 2009

40" x 40"
Acrylic on Textured and Gold Leaf Canvas

The "Black Stallion" painting was a commission painted for a
newly redecorated home. It will hang over the fireplace in
the large "lodge type" big room of the home owned by
a lovely lady named Della!
The colors in the painting blend with the rich warm
tones in this huge room with exposed beams, wooden floors
and two rock fireplaces. I am so pleased that this painting is at
home in this wonderful room and will be
viewed by Della's family and friends.

The painting process on this 40 x40 inch painting was different from

my regular painting surfaces. First I added a textured surface

with a palette knife and a thick compound to give the

surface lots of rough bumps and crevices.

Then my friend and co-hart in crime, Connie, helped me

apply gold leaf sheets in an abstract pattern on the surface.

After painting warm burnt sienna, gold and orange colors as a

base which toned down the gold leaf, I painted the horse from

a photo of some friends horse whose name is "Bugs".

This painting was a challenge but very exciting and fun

in so many ways. I kept the subject matter simple but there

is a lot of interest in the painting surface with

all the textures and colors.

Hope you have enjoyed the painting, the process and it's home.

Come back soon to see what 's new!


Pcasso said...

What a great painting and your patron looks so pleased. Congratulations on working on such a large canvas suddessfully. That's no easy fete!

Jana said...

Gorgeous Margie, gorgeous! I love the gold leaf fact, I was wondering how you made the abstract pattern in the background, and now I know! Beautiful work!

Nancy Standlee said...

Great painting, M. and so sorry you won't be with us in G/bury.


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