Tuesday, July 1, 2008


24" x 30"

Oil on Canvas

Painted by Margie Whittington

A friend from high school which has been
forty+ years ago, asked me to do this portrait of
her when she was twelve years old at a piano recital.
The photo that the painting was done from was a black and
white with no color and some very dark areas.
She described the colors and the details of the photo and
this is what I painted.

It was a challenge and I am hoping my friend will be pleased
with the finished portrait.
Shhhh, she hasn't seen it yet. Her birthday is in August and I
think she has given up on me ever getting it finished.



1 comment:

Nancy Standlee said...

Margie, what a great surprise for your friend. I know she will appreciate your effort and what a great memory keepsake. (You did great on the piano also).


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