Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cuchara Colorado

Cuchara, Colorado is the place to be when it is hot in Texas! The paintings above are plein air paintings painted on the porch of a cabin where we stay in Cuchara. The Sunflower was drawn from a bouquet of fresh sunflowers picked outside the cabin sitting on our dining room table in Cuchara. If you look real close there is a little spider on one of the petals. Nothing extra for the spider! Fishing, hiking, golfing, plein air painting. We all do exactly what we want to do to pass the time during a relaxing week in the mountains of Colorado.

Come back to see more paintings and photos of Colorful Colorado.

Visit to view more of my paintings and to view collaborative paintings by a group of 11 artists of which I paint with.

Scroll down to see Ella's two year old birthday party........
A Cupcake Tea Party!


BG Hackney said...

Looks cool and inviting, love the drawing also. bg

Connie Michael said...

That looks SO inviting! Love your paintings, dahling.

Pcasso said...

You're going to have such fun .. no phones ... no computer ... Relax and Enjoy! It's such a beautiful place to just hang out. Wish we had been there at the same time. Maybe next year!
LYLASF, Pcasso


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