Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

We are home from our week in Cuchara, Colorado. It was a fast but fun week of fishing, golfing, painting, hiking and spending time with our friends, Jim and Sandy Lile and our son, Jake, Helen our daughter in law and five month old Jack. We fished almost everyday and caught enough speckled and rainbow trout for a fish fry on Thursday evening. Along with the fish we had sweet corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes and fried potatoes with onions. Sandy and Jim brought fresh olive bread and rosemary bread to add to our feast. It was all delicious! We ended our days with rousing games of Farkle, a dice game or 42, a domino game. A good time was had by all. Our grandson, Jack was the entertainment for the week. He laughed, cooed and blew bubbles. He also learned to turn over from his back to his tummy. He was a joy and watching his parents with him was fun, too. We did miss our daughter and her family, Angie and Eddie, Andrew, Christopher and Ella. We still enjoy the memories of Andrew catching his first fish at Blue Lake and the fun times we have had with both grandsons in Colorado.

We painted in group on Sunday afternoon after church at the Cuchara Chapel Sunday morning and a lunch of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Do you get the impression we did not starve while in the mountains. I think altitude affects ones appetite. Helen, our daughter in law, had never painted in watercolor before. She has painted lots of walls. Her first watercolor was of sunflowers in the foreground and Gomer's Butte, a familiar landmark in the Cuchara Valley in the background. Phil painted a view of Blue Lake where we like to fish and Jake drew a still life of the wild flowers on the table. I started the painting above with an Elk standing in a meadow early in the morning with the Spanish Peaks behind him.

We were sad to leave early Saturday morning but it was good to get home to good ole hot Texas.
Check back to see drawings I did along the way as we drove through New Mexico and Colorado.

This is Jack in his bear hat and slippers. We didn't see any bear but we have proof that one visited outside our cabin one night. That story will be in another post on my blog. Don't miss the bear story!!!!

Be sure and check the Canvas by Canvas blog and see our Sassy Shoes, Cupcakes and a new series of Angels coming soon. Also a collection of fishing lures and fishing flies are in the works.
Don't miss our new recipe and food blog with paintings to illustrate the recipes.


Pcasso said...

I don't want Baby Jack to grow up so fast. The next thing you know, he'll be out hunting bear! He looks adorable in his little hat an shoes and the family of Whittington painters look so industrious. Congratulations on getting everyone involved. Looks like they inherited some of your many talents. I'm glad that you're back. As wonderful as the Rockies are, we missed you here on the plains of Texas. Welcome home!

gotyme4u said...

What a cutey that baby Jack is....and those bear items..just adorable. So you've managed to get the entire family into a painting mode. Way to go MW.


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