Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Botanic Garden Statue, Spring

A Group of Plein Air Painters met at the
Fort Worth Botanic Gardens early Wednesday morning to
paint and sketch in the cooler temperature.
I decided to sketch this statue of a child holding a bird's nest
with three baby birds in it.
As I was drawing, one of the gardeners was watching and was
so excited to see painters painting and drawing in the gardens she takes care of.
Gardener Renea told me that she named this statue "Spring". There
are four statues along the path and she calls them the Four Seasons.
It was so peaceful with a little breeze and  relatively cool
in the shade of the trees.

Thanks to Doug, a painter and sculptor who contacts the group
about our plein air outings.



Sheriart said...

Beautiful sketch and beautiful post Margie.
It was great to see you.

T.Gomez said...

Beautiful work and prose - I would love to paint their one day!

Framed prints said...

This is gorgeous. I like how you've managed to capture the movement and life even of a solid stone statue in your sketch with vivid pencil strokes.


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