Monday, May 9, 2011

A Paint Out in Acton, Texas

The "Doug Club"  Paint out group met
in Acton, Texas close to Granbury at one of the group's property full
of interesting farm equipment and unique painting
subjects and a pond with a boat.  The May day was gorgeous, sunny with a
little breeze.  We all picked our spots and set up and got started painting
I was fortunate to have my husband, Phil, join me as he usually goes
to play golf on Saturdays. It was a fun day painting, meeting a
group of outdoor painters from Dallas, seeing artist friends and enjoying the beautiful
scenery and weather.

"The Red Tractor"
6" x 6" Acrylic on Canvas

Phil having a go at painting the swing!

Here's Doug, our leader.  He is so good to notify
the artists about paint outs at interesting locations.

The Red Tractor was a favorite subject!

A lazy summer day!

Hope you had a good weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!
Come back again soon.



Connie Michael said...

That sure looks like fun! Neat painting, Margie Ann.

Trudy R. Gomez said...

Wish I could have been there! I LOVE your tractor painting. Thank you for sharing it.

Sheriart said...

Nice job on the tractor Margie. It was great seeing you and Phil.

Douglas Clark said...

Margie, super job on the tractor. So glad you were able to come, itwas a great day!


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