Thursday, March 17, 2011


"Creativity is the mind at play with
the materials that it loves."~Carl Jung

                     A friend inspired me when she gave me a "Mini-quilted Birthday Card"       
to get out my fabric and ribbon embroidery basket.
I had made a ribbon embroidered crazy quilt pillow for my
grandaughter for Christmas as shown in a prior post.
I had some scrapes from that project left and could not bring myself
to throw them away.  So I was delighted with the idea of this little quilt.
I decided to use my scrapes to make some 4" sachet angels with lavender
seeds inside for a delicate lavender smell.
Below are pictures of two angels made from the
crazy quilt scrapes and one made with raw silk and embroidered flowers.


Pictured below is my "Mini-quilt Birthday Card" and some
others that my friend has made.
@ 5"x7"

I finished another crocheted baby quilt, white with a blue edge
for a friend  who has a new grandson.

That's it for now.  I have enjoyed keeping my hands busy making these items, now
I need to get back to painting!!!!!!!


Nancy Standlee said...

These are lovely Margie.. I've just gathered up a BIG box of trims and braids to pass on to my daughter.. maybe I need to rethink this gift!!

Connie Michael said...

Margie, these are sooooo pretty! You put the rest of us to shame, girl!


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