Sunday, November 7, 2010

Journaling Workshop with Nancy Standlee 11-6, 11-7-20

Journaling Workshop
with Artist, Nancy Standlee
The Upstairs Gallery, Arlington, Texas

What an informative workshop at the Upstairs Gallery this
last weekend with artist Nancy Standlee.
Our first day we painted several pictures in our journals
from photos provided by Nancy.

We then did a drawing exercise of a Salt Shaker.

We practiced the alphabet with brush letters and painted
Jelly Bean People and easy faces. This was all the first day!

This is a ceramic horse on the shelf at the gallery.  He was fun to
draw and paint.

We made our own stamps out of Styrofoam and
foam pieces. 

This was a fun journal entry.  It is an embellished black and
white vintage photo of an elegant lady.  Stamped paper collage and
acrylic paint were added with a stamp from Austria.

Another black and white photo of "Frida" embellished with stamped
paper collage and acrylic paint.

We had a fun class and learned a great deal including lots of information
on painting techniques and torn paper painting collage!!!
Thanks Nancy!


Nancy Standlee said...

Great journal entries Margie. You'd make any teacher look good!! Thanks for the link.

Cindy said...

These were great Margie. I loved the old photos, well, I loved everything.

Dena Hill said...

Wow, Margie! Great! Wish I could have attended that workshop! Next time!

Dena Hill said...

Wow, Margie! Great work!


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