Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TEXTURES OF LIFE by Margie Whittington

A Series of Farm Animals
Mothers and their Babies
by Margie Whittington

All are 8" x 8"
Gallery Wrapped Canvases
Painted with Acrylic
Texture was added to the canvas, then the
image was drawn on the canvas.
A wash was applied, then gold leaf added
in a random pattern.
All edges were painted a dark brown
with some of the dark brown coming around
to the front of the canvas.
The image of the animals was painted and a small suggestion
of grasses and light in the background.
See the progression of the paintings below.

These paintings will be part of a show at
The Good Art Company in Fredericksburg, Texas.
I will be the featured artist in the gallery for the
month of September with my work on a large wall in
the front room of the gallery.

If you are in Fredericksburg, come by and take a look.
for more information email


Margie said...
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Nancy Medina said...

I love how the chicken is doting on her babies, these are going to look great at the show Margie!

Debra J.Sepos said...

Hello Margie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and making such nice comments. I really like the bunnies.


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