Monday, May 4, 2009

Phil, my husband and I took a
weekend painting workshop at
Dina Gregory's log house outside
of Glen Rose, Texas
It was a great two days, cool
weather, overcast and a little
rainy. Not much sunshine to
have shadows but we turned out
some nice soft moody paintings.
This was Phil's first painting
workshop. It was a plein air
pastel workshop but on the first
day we painted in oils.
Phil was worried he would be the
only man there. Well, there were
two other gentlemen.
We enjoyed our weekend away painting
outdoors in a rural setting.
Dina is a lovely lady and her husband Brian
would give us mini concerts on his
grand piano.
Since it was windy and rainy we painted under
the car port and on the porch that wrapped
around the log home.

Dina painting, Phil and Jerzy

Phil, Jerzy and Steve

Dina's first demo of the day

Dina's second demo of the day

Phil's 1st oil ptg. of the day

Phil's 2nd oil painting of the day

Margie's 1st oil of the day

Margie's 2nd oil of the day

Stay tuned for the second day of our workshop!

1 comment:

Nancy Standlee said...

What a great way to spend the weekend and your "sister-chicks" will need a demo at the Lake House. Paintings are lovely and Phil, what a trooper!!


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