Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Margie Whittington

This is a painting from a photograph I took on the river in
Boerne, Texas. After drawing the image, I put a blue wash on
the background and layed saran wrap on the wet wash.
After letting the saran set a minute, I lifted it and the
texture left looks like the motion in the water.
See the photo below.

After painting the water, I began painting the dark beak
and the dark on the feathers. Then I painted the
midtones and light feathers leaving the white paper for
the white high lights on the goose.

The next step, I began painting the
reflection of the goose in the water. I still have
some to do on this step.

Be sure to come back and see the finished painting.
This painting was also a class project at the Upstairs Gallery
in Arlington, Texas. I will be posting some of my students
paintings soon.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Margie, you've inspired me to get out some of my photos from this past summer. I got a few good ones of water birds and want to try this wonderful technique. Thanks for sharing.


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