Monday, March 31, 2008

Kyleigh's Farm


Kyleigh is a 5 year old with a love of animals. She has lots of stuffed animals in her room. Now she has a mural on her bedroom wall with horses, ducks, lambs, kittens and a dog.
The mural was a birthday present from her parents.
Kyleigh was so excited. She would peek in every so often to see what was appearing on her wall. She would report to her mom and say now there are horses on my wall!!!!
Her mom asked her when the mural was finished which animal was her favorite. Kyleigh said she couldn't choose, she loved them all.

Kyleigh's name is painted over the window with butterflies flying over to the mural and some on the end of the mural. Butterflies are one of her favorite things in addition to all the animals.

Here are some close up photos of the animals on Kyleigh'sWall. Her brother asked me if the dog was a sheep dog?I said sure he can be a sheep dog herding a black and white lamb. There is a momma rabbit and her bunnies, a sleeping kitty and a kitten playing with one of the baby ducks. A momma duck and her ducklings. A mare and her colt and horses grazing in the background as the sun is setting in the distance.

To see more paintings on walls or canvases,
please click on these links.

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Connie Michael said...

What a lucky little girl! These are just wonderful, Margie.

Anonymous said...
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