Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Watercolor Classes Begin!

The watercolor class at the Fort Worth Woman's Club
on Pennsylvania Avenue in Fort Worth
began this last Monday afternoon.

Everyone was excited about getting back to painting after the holidays. It takes everyone a little time to visit and settle in to get started painting. All the ladies are working toward our Winter Show which will be held at the Frost Bank on Hulen Drive this February.

The Upstairs Gallery in Arlington
started classes this week, too.
It is like a reunion after the holidays seeing everyone
and hearing about what has been going on
the past 2 months during our break.
Today we eased back into watercolor with simple paintings of
radishes, watermelons and peppers.

The 11 x 15 watercolor paper was divided into 9 sections.

After a few quick drawings, each

subject was painted with

a wet into wet technique, let dry and details added.

This is another version of the radishes, peppers
and watermelons done in strong colors with acrylic paints
instead of watercolors.

You can see how different these approaches are.
One day, painting with a friend using wild and crazy colors,
the next day in class using quieter more realistic colors.
Painting both of these paintings was great fun
and it felt good to be painting again.
Come back soon to see what Margie has been painting
on walls or on a canvas.

Leave a comment if you'd like!


Connie Michael said...

Margie, they're FABULOUS! Did everyone have a good time?

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Margie,
That looks like great fun and I love to paint fruit and veggies in wild colors. Your class is fortunate to have a great teacher.

C2 said...

Love the veggies, both ways. The acrylic painting reminds me a bit of Burridge. Great work Margie.


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